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At left: The Southern Rhythm Girls (1920s-1930s) led by clarinetist Yvonne “Dixie” Fasnacht. L to R: Judy Ertle, trumpet; Dixie Fasnacht, clarinet and vocals; Dorothy Sloop, piano; Maxine Phinney, Bass
At right, Dixie belts out a tune on her clarinet.
At left, Susan and Dixie in 2005 at Dixie’s 95th birthday party!
Read about Dixie’s amazing life and career here. 
Yvonne “Dixie” Fasnacht
The Original Shades of Blue, a great New Orleans All-woman band, 1930s
Publicity photo L to right: Lorraine Ziblich, Maeceil Peterson, Myrtle Benton, saxophones; Thelma MacDonald, piano; Julie Huth, leader; trumpeters Jeanie Spato (who doubled on guitar) and Norma Latino; Behind them is “Ernie” the drummer, dressed as a woman! All photos courtesy of Rita Gibliant, the half sister of Myrtle Benton
Trumpeter Norma Latino at the left; Ernie the drummer (dressed here as a man) at the right.
At left: another pubicity photo.
The first International Women’s Brass Conference 1993
L to R: Jazz trombonist Angela Wellman; trumpeter and IWBC founder-President, Susan Slaughter; trumpeter Leona May Smith, one of three Brasswomen Pioneers honored in 1993.
Trumpeters Clora Bryant and Rebecca Coupe Franks
Trumpeters Marie Speziale, Susan Slaughter, Sally Kuhns
Trumpeters Susan Fleet and Clora Bryant
The Friday night concert honors trombonist-arranger-composer Melba Liston
Laurie Frink conducts the all-woman band DIVA in arrangements by Melba Liston. Read about Laurie Frink here
Read about DIVA here.
Laurie introduced Melba at the banquet honoring the three pioneers. At left, they’re enjoying a glass of wine and a good laugh about something!
Melba and her friend Clora Bryant
Music historians Susan Fleet and Sherrie Tucker, celebrating all the wonderful women brass players, documented behind them on the wall, newsclips and photos about historic brasswomen.
The mystery band from Detroit 
This all-woman band played in the Detroit area during the 1920s. Do you know any of the women in these photos? The saxophone player, 2nd from the right in both photos, is Marian Fisher. After she married, it was Marian Yake. If you recognize the band, or any of the women in either photo, please email me via the contact page. I would love to know more about them!