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  Music, murder and obsession in New Orleans       Book 2 in the Frank Renzi crime thriller series     
Beautiful, talented and ambitious, Belinda wants to be a star. But fame can be dangerous. A ruthless stalker is obsessed with her. He'll do anything to have her: blackmail, kidnapping, even murder. Fourteen months post-Katrina, NOPD Detective Frank Renzi battles drug-dealing gangs who roam the ravaged city. Soon he has another problem. The stalker kidnaps Belinda. Will Renzi be able to save her? A stalker, a kidnapping, blackmail, revenge and murder. DIVA has it all.
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Critics and readers love Diva
 "Belinda Scully is at the top of her elegant world of classical music. Chantelle is a homeless teenager menaced by a dope-dealing drug lord. The irresistible NOPD Detective Frank Renzi must solve the mounting murders ... an absolutely riveting ending.  -- Stanley D. Crow "Great character development, a really good story [and] an absolutely fascinating ending. DIVA is a very suspenseful book!" -- Feathered Quill Book Reviews" Fleet subtitles Diva, her new killer thriller a novel of psychological suspense. That's an understatement." -- Jan Herman, Arts Journal
                                  Amazon readers agree … a sample of their 5-star reviews “This story will hold your attention from page one to the end. It is a chilling story of how a stalker can obsess over someone and go on a killing streak. With "Barry" anyone who does not agree with him, or gets in his way, gets killed. I have read some of the reviews about there being bad language and sex in the story. But one has got to understand that the bad language is from "Barry." He is a demented stalker so what do you expect, gentleman manners? This story is well written and flows smoothly and fairly accurate [about] the stress detectives go through during a case. For Detective Frank Renzi can't rest. He must must find Belinda and save her. I recommend the book highly.” -- Dorothy, July 9, 2014
 Riveting! “I love Frank Renzi! His tough demeanor is awesome. I love the feeling that if there is butt out there to kick and names to take down, he will get the job done. I love reading stories about places I am so familiar with - New Orleans, I-10 out of Houston - Beaumont. I just follow those stories right down the rabbit hole. Brenda Scully seemed so real and I loved Kelly! This is a lip-chewing, knuckle-popping intense story! Can't wait for the next read!”  -- Suzie  December 28, 2015