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Murder and revenge in New Orleans Book 3 in the Frank Renzi crime thriller series Ten-year-old Natalie is devastated when police find her mother brutally murdered in a New Orleans hotel. Her twenty-year hunt for the killer takes her from dancing in New York City strip clubs to working as a call girl in Paris. And back to New Orleans, with a gun. Detective Frank Renzi investigates a VIP murder in a French Quarter hotel. Is it a hit or a revenge killing? He pursues the elusive Natalie. Is she the killer? Don't miss the exciting showdown between Natalie and Frank. If you love New Orleans fiction, gritty mysteries, and crime thrillers, don't miss the Frank Renzi series. Feathered Quill Book Awards named Natalie's Revenge Best Mystery-Thriller of 2014. 
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"The coolest detective in literature at the moment, Frank Renzi, has a new crime to solve. A VIP murdered in one of New Orleans' swankiest hotels. Natalie is a truly intelligent and seductive character. Renzi’s hunt and Natalie’s actions go beyond thrilling. This is one great author! We need more Renzi STAT!"   -- Feathered Quill Book Reviews "In this third book in Fleet’s Frank Renzi mystery series, Renzi must solve not one, but two murders that happened twenty years apart. Natalie’s Revenge is an amazingly great read! Fast-paced, well written and extremely challenging to put down. If you enjoy murder mysteries, this is one title you definitely want."    -- Rebeccas Reads
 Excellent Police Procedural and Mystery Novel “I am always delighted to discover an author, new to me, who is a perfectionist in acquiring and using facts and creative in weaving a great mystery. This one weaves the history of two major characters, Natalie and Frank, with enough of the background of lesser characters to enable the reader to feel intimately involved. I suspect it was a challenge to develop a suitable conclusion to this complicated story, but the challenge was met in the best possible way.” -- Gloria Wolk, September 28, 2012
A Must Read for Mystery Fans “Natalie's Revenge is a very different sort of mystery. Yes, there is of course the killer and the detective pursuing the killer, but that is where the similarity ends. Susan Fleet writes with a compassion and heart that takes you into the minds and souls of her main characters. Natalie's Revenge is not so much a Whodunnit as a novel about the characters and their actions, the reasons for the actions and effects of the actions. Instead of hating the killer, we come to understand her and on many levels wish she could have a happy ending. We understand how her past has affected Natalie's decisions and her need to take justice into her own hands. Natalie and Detective Frank Renzi are fully drawn, flawed, fascinating individuals with depth and passions that drive them. There are no card board cutout "Killer" "Cop" or "Victim" characters here. A handful of characters I have met in books stay with me, and Frank and Natalie have moved into that group. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Fleet's work.” -- Irish, January 11, 2013