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A serial killer preys on young women in New Orleans Everyone has something to hide. Some of the darkest secrets reside in a parish church. Is the killer a priest? Book 1 in the Frank Renzi crime thriller series
Vulnerable young women let a serial killer into their homes because they trust him. He tortures them, kills them and takes a gruesome trophy. An African-American journalist denounces police for unfairly targeting black male suspects, and racial tensions boil over in the Big Easy. A tip from a prostitute leads NOPD Homicide Detective Frank Renzi to believe the killer may be a white priest. With Renzi hot on his trail, the killer persuades a teenaged girl to help him escape. Will Renzi be able to save her? Get it now!              Watch the scary trailer  Best Mystery/Suspense/Thriller of 2009
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                Critics and readers praise ABSOLUTION  "Relentless tempo ... sharp writing." Kirkus Discoveries "Creole-flavored suspense!" The Sun Chronicle
 I love Frank Renzi!! What a nice surprise this book was. Very entertaining story about NOPD Detective Frank Renzi and his efforts to bring down a serial killer and to also find a missing teenage girl. The hunt for the killer is complicated by the racial and religious tensions inherent in the Deep South. Ms. Fleet does a great job with the New Orleans backdrop. I have never been there and appreciated the detail she includes to nicely set the mood of the scenes. Detective Frank Renzi is fleshed out wonderfully. Ms. Fleet also developed the killer character extremely well. We are privy to many of his thoughts, which help us understand why he kills. I found myself reading one more chapter, just one more. I recommend Absolution for those who like a good crime story with excellent characterization. Kudos to Ms. Fleet for a first-rate debut novel!” -- Christine Terrell May 5, 2016 Priest on the run! “This book just wouldn't let me put it down. It was a thriller!”  -- Nora Sheffield
Really enjoyed this one  “I've not read any other novels by this author so I am always looking for new thriller writers. This one is a keeper. Having spent some time in New Orleans this was also more interesting to me because of some of the places mentioned in the book. Overall the plot was interesting, it kept me turning pages, I enjoyed the characters and there was enough  action and guessing that it was certainly a thriller in my book. I'll be looking for other books by the author for sure. -- Bea Just, really, a very good read...  “Even though we know the culprit, how or when will he be caught before someone close to the investigation is killed? That, and the main character's personality kept me interested and entertained throughout the book!” -- Jennifer Hobbs Zahn