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Solo trumpet CDs abound, but not many feature women so Baroque Treasures for Trumpet and Organ is a treat! Susan Fleet (trumpet) & Robert Adams (organ) play joyful music by German, English and Italian composers.
Listen to a sample of the Martini Toccatta
"Fleet's trumpeting is assured and musical, the tone attractive, warm and fairly straight, the intonation true, the phrases well shaped. An attractive debut." -- Fanfare, The Magazine for Serious Record Collectors, Nov/Dec 1993 "Fleet performs these standard Baroque trumpet-organ pieces with flawless technique, lovely tone, and tasteful control of dynamics." American Record Guide, Jan/Feb 1994 "The control and finesse exhibited by Ms. Fleet is outstanding. She and organist Robert Adams work their way through strenuous passages with honed precision, yet provide tone and warmth on the slower sections that can only be described as sublime." New England Performer, Sept 1993
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Martini, Toccata Tartini: Concerto in D --  Moderato, Andante, Grazioso Corelli: Sonata VIII -- Prelude, Allmande, Saraband, Gigue Purcell: Sonata in D --  Allegro, Adagio, Presto Boyce: Voluntary #1  -- Larghetto, Vivace Maurice Green -- Minuet, Andante Johann Ludwig Krebs, Wachet Auf Georg Phillip Telemann Suite -- Air de Trompette, Con spirito, Con delicatezza, Bellicoso Georg F Handel Suite -- Overture, Rejoicing, Minuet, Hornpipe        
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