Crime thrillers, great music and fabulous female instrumentalists!



Frank Renzi Series

Book 1 

Best Mystery 2009

Premier Book Awards 

Creole-flavored suspense!

Frank Renzi Series

Book 2 


"The coolest detective in  literature!"

--  Feathered Quill Book Reviews

Frank Renzi Series

Book 3 

  Best Mystery 2014

Feathered Quill Book Awards

Serial killers, stalkers, 

domestic homicides

A pretty farm girl feeds her victims to the hogs.




Frank Renzi Series

Book 4

A serial killer

targets lottery winners

Nigel wants to be the next Boston Pops conductor.

A compulsive gambler deeply in debt, he hits the jackpot and thinks his problems are over.

But they're just beginning.


Volume Two

is here!

More cases of serial killers, stalkers and

domestic homicides

True crime at its best!

Visit Susan's True Crime blog!  DARK DEEDS: Serial Killers, Stalkers and Domestic Homicides 

See what Frank Renzi has to say on Renzi Rants!

Check out the

current featured woman


(October 23, 1892 - June 25, 1992)

Classical trumpeter and composer

One of the foremost trumpet soloists

in the first half of the 20th Century. 


See MORE featured women

in Susan's Archives 


At a time when most women stayed home to raise children,

violinist Maud Powell and trumpeter Edna White

thrilled millions with their performances.

Susan Fleet dares to uncover important stories about musical women. --Virginia Eskin,

Concert pianist, Northeastern University artist in residence

Relax with Susan's 

soothing trumpet CD

Baroque Treasures

for Trumpet & Organ

Baroque music


Italian, German

and English




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