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DARK DEEDS, Volume 2
Twelve more twisted crimes!  The bloody Bonners kill unsuspecting travelers. Two assassins stalk Presidents Nixon, Reagan and       presidential candidate George Wallace. A rabbi pays a man to murder his wife.  And a bonus chapter that defies description!
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Chapter One: The Candy Man Chapter Two: The Butchers of Kansas Chapter Three: Angel of Death? Chapter Four: The Eyeball Killer Chapter Five: Two Stalker Assassins Chapter Six: Love for Keeps? Chapter Seven: A High-flying Star Chapter Eight: Stalking a Genius Chapter Nine: Nobody's Perfect Chapter Ten: Despicable Dad Chapter Eleven: Bloodbath in Atlanta Chapter Twelve: From Hero to Monster Chapter Thirteen: The Strange Case of Amy Bishop
"Fleet once again immerses us in the world of serial killers, stalkers, and domestic homicides. Well researched and well written. The inner world of these killers is vividly and psychologically portrayed. A 5-star recommend!" -- Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist Crisp writing, entertaining reading, May 22, 2014 By jazzgirl “When I saw that Susan Fleet had included a chapter on Amy Bishop in her latest Dark Deeds book, I had to pick up a copy. As a college professor and Massachusetts resident, Amy's story has long held a special fascination for me - how could anyone shoot their brother point-blank in the chest and not be questioned about the crime for 11 days? How could anyone walk into a faculty meeting and kill two colleagues and blithely say, "it wasn't me." Susan's in-depth coverage of this and and the other fascinating crimes in this book was impossible to put down. Fans of true crime will be drawn to the twisted characters, crisp writing and page-turning pace of this book. You may only have intended to read a few pages. But be warned - once you start reading, you may not be able to stop until you've finished the entire book.”