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No one knows how many serial killers are roaming the United States. Some experts believe they murder as many as 180 people each year. Stalkers far outnumber serial killers. Each year they threaten 3.4 million people in America. They may profess love OOr the objects of their obsession, but many seriously injure or kill their "love object." Domestic homicide is rampant in the U.S. Each day, 3 women, 3 children and 1 man die in domestic violence. Some are crimes of passion. Others are carefully calculated. Why bother with a divorce when you can kill your spouse?
Twelve Twisted Tales of True Crime … Serial killers, Stalkers, and Domestic Homicides
A pretty farm girl feeds her victims to the hogs.  You're the one that I want ... to kill.     A cross-dressing doctor murders his wife. See the chilling details. Meet the victims, their killers and the bloody consequences of their deeds.      
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Chapter One: Bad-luck Belle or Diabolical Killer? Chapter Two: Eyes Wide Shut Chapter Three: America’s Worst Serial Killer? Chapter Four: The Boston Strangler? Maybe ... Chapter Five: Career Interrupted Chapter Six: Not an Enemy in the World Chapter Seven: A Grand-Slam Obsession Chapter Eight: You're The One That I Want ... To Kill Chapter Nine: The Murder Checklist Chapter Ten: Ruthless Ruth Chapter Eleven: Devoted Husband or Sick Psychopath? Chapter Twelve: Dark Deeds by the Sea Chapter Thirteen: Pretty Woman
Susan Fleet immerses us in the world of serial killers, stalkers, and domestic homicides ... obsessively haunting and educational." -- Arthur Smukler, MD, psychiatrist and author of Chasing Backwards, a psychological mystery