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Twelve Twisted Tales of True Crime 

      Serial killers, Stalkers, and Domestic Homicides

A pretty farm girl feeds her victims to the hogs.  

You're the one that I want ... to kill.     

A cross-dressing doctor murders his wife.


      See all the chilling details. Meet the victims, their killers and the bloody consequences of their deeds.       

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"Susan Fleet immerses us in the world of serial killers, stalkers, and domestic homicides ... obsessively haunting and educational." -- Arthur Smukler, MD, psychiatrist and author of Chasing Backwards, a psychological mystery

Some experts believe serial killers in the United States murder as many as 180 people each year. Others say the count may be much higher because some killers hide the bodies and they're never found.

Each year stalkers threaten and intimidate more than 3 million people in the United States. Although they profess love for the objects of their obsession, many seriously injure or kill their "love object."

Domestic homicide is a serious problem in the U.S. Every singe day in America, 3 women, 3 children and 1 man die in domestic violence. Women and children rarely kill family members. Men commit the majority of domestic murders. Some are crimes of passion. Others are carefully calculated. Why bother with a divorce when you can kill your spouse?

An award-winning crime novelist, Susan Fleet does exhaustive research on serial killers and stalkers, their methodology, psychological makeup and their victims. Millions of people visit her true crime blog: DARK DEEDS: Serial killers, stalkers and domestic homicides. See it here   DARK DEEDS