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Twelve more twisted crimes!  

The bloody Bonners kill unsuspecting travelers. 

Two assassins stalk Presidents Nixon, Reagan

and presidential candidate George Wallace.

A rabbi pays a man to murder his wife.


And a bonus chapter that defies description! 


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Then get your copy at DARK DEEDS, Vol 2

"Fleet once again immerses us in the world of serial killers, stalkers, and domestic homicides. Well researched and well written. The inner world of these killers is vividly and psychologically portrayed. A 5-star recommend!" -- Art Smukler MD, author & psychiatrist

No one knows how many serial killers are roaming the United States. Some experts believe they murder as many as 180 people each year. Stalkers far outnumber serial killers. Each year they threaten 3.4 million people in America. They may profess love for the objects of their obsession, but many seriously injure or kill their "love object." Domestic homicide is rampant in the U.S. Each day, 3 women, 3 children and 1 man die in domestic violence. Some are crimes of passion. Others are carefully calculated. Why bother with a divorce when you can kill your spouse?

Award-winning crime novelist Susan Fleet does exhaustive research on serial killers and stalkers, their methodology, psychological makeup and their victims. See more cases on her blog: DARK DEEDS